I just read an article in the Miami Herald about teen violence....main topic who's fault is it? MH??????? ALL OF US.

We have to stop with blaming someone else. and start acting. We do not even have the energy or the time to care about our neighbors.

We have to start reconnecting with our family, friends and society.

Everything starts at.....yes..the beginning. In the case of us humans, when conception takes place. If we start by LOVINGGGGGGGGGGG that Being that WE are helping to create! everything will be fine.
The miracle of life, and the first part of the process! that embryo! mh!
give it time! yes...he/she is there starting that BEAUTIFUL adventure! building fingers, nails, hair...mh! be aware of each moment, each day....connecting at those moments.....right there that being is part of US! then the baby.....hard times! to re-adjust. But if we love what is happening! we will be aware, and will be able to experience each moment!. Now is mostly, the parents or caregiver.....either way if they provide love.....that is the main ingredient at this moment.....
After this, all of us takes part in the life of this beautiful being! each encounter on the market, on the mall, on the park...etc will be recorded and will mold a personality. I can not forget those "people" that if a kids is screaming to his mom.....they look as if...they have never seen this! It will bother them! or the mother that when the toddler starts screaming gets out of place and screams back, or the or the mother that if the kid starts screaming lets him do it without understanding the real reason for that action. Three examples of lack of loving understanding on the grownups side.
We need to REMEMBER that we already went through that experience...we could understand them....but Can the little kids understand us? MH? All these experiences are there to learn, and to mold our kids future personalities and well being.
Please! lest be aware when we see a kid............we will be a part in their growing experience, and is up to us to be good, loving humans.

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