What is happening to our education system?
I think I have an answer to that question, and it would benefit at all if finally we become conscious of it. My son does excellent in class, most people would think that since I have not been affected by it, I should not be concern about our education system, but we need to start looking at EVERY problem as OURS! And start taking action, and provide solutions….not just criticism.

After being a mother of 2 and for 7 years, and being part of my son’s education, I have asked some questions regarding the future of our society. After a close look at what we consider “good” education system in our country, and what the whole world has, a lot of doubts and fears have come to me.

I had a career and decided to form a family, so the big question arrived, but I decided that the best approach was to leave my career behind and give my whole attention to my kids. Now I realize that my intuition was right on track. Because educators with what they have cannot do it on their own.

I started teaching my son pre-kindergarten when my baby girl was born, I decided I would stay with both of them for one year, while he would enter school. I would teach him, and have regular classes, where I though him, everything I thought was relevant to his new school year. Time when on and I am still with them, full time with my toddler, and as a supportive parent to my first grader.

Well, obviously he has been more advanced, and was number one in his class that first school year. He already knew how to read, knew all the numbers, science; geography….It was an easy year! He just had to worry about the social aspect of it. And now that he is on first grade. Even better….He is in the top of his class.
I have realized that my sacrifice paid off, at least so he passes his required classes. But, when I see around, I do not see THAT!
Even though he is in an “A” school, blue ribbon, charter, etc, school, the majority of his classmates, are NOT at his level. And worst if I start looking at Miami’s kids, Florida’s, USA’s kids in general. I started seeing that SOCIETY as a whole is getting behind in social-human development!

I started by instructing myself to give my son the best education and foundation, (it was not my original career) I found books about education, child psychology, teaching strategies, talked to my mother who is a teacher, and made an independent career out of that opportunity. I found the beautiful ways to provide the best to our kids in a loving and fun matter.

One of the main points I have found, where most of the strategies (including Finland’s system-best in the world) agree is that “The theory is that education is better when children are allowed to play until they are eager to learn at age 7.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_in_Finland) YES! I can see it in their eyes! When I play with my daughter with the ABC! Or read books…I see sparks! They want to know about volcanoes, science, stars, etc!
But, after talking to my son, and people from his school, that is JUST NOT happening in their schools. No, they are supposed to stay in their seats for 2 hours “listening” to teachers, then they have to go to cafeteria eat, not talk, seat in first position, and go back to class until they have…if the weather allows…recess. Mh! What is wrong with this picture, how in the world can you do that to 6, 7, year olds? Even would not get the attention of teenagers.

A good foundation is the key. But we are not doing that, yes it has to come from both, parents and teacher. If we as a society require hard working hours to everyone, the parents are existed or they are working. As a result, in the house, the parents DO NOT have the time to even read a book to their kids, and at their school, the teachers have SOOOOOO many students, that they cannot stand them talking, it becomes a nightmare. It all is transmitted to our kids!

I went to my son’s cafeteria several times, and felt so bad…the poor social beings where trying to have a conversation to their classmates, because they are NOT allowed to do so in class, because it disrupts the class. In addition, when they come to the cafeteria, they are NOT allowed EITHER! Yes, it becomes a zoo! But how can they balance themselves back! Have we forgotten that we were kids also!

We are not letting our kids explore. The” good” students”, at least the well behaved students, have been silenced with stickers, and super starts, and daily rewards that just provide a short, not rewarding satisfaction or learning experience. And the “bad” ones, sad faces, sticker, note homes, and “DONOT do” scream. But we (parents and educators) are not taking the time to provide positive behavior attitudes, and self-reflection approach.

Yes, most kids are able to learn since they are 2 year olds (my two year old already knows her ABC, numbers, shapes) but they need to learn it at their own rate, and in a “playful” not authoritarian like manner! We should learn from the successful systems, Montessori, Finland’s, etc. Most agree with let them be kids! Treat them with respect, they are all different characters, they all cannot learn the same! How can we make a “slow” readers feel bad in front of their class! What is the future of that poor being when he continues, if he already is classified as a “bad” student? He never gets stickers, or happy face, “he will never be”.

Our capitalistic approach shall not be translated nor implemented in school. If you study and pass a test you will get a toy!? Instead, of learning is fun; it would benefit us all, and help develop our human kind. Learn and you will have fun! Look how fun school is! You discover!

We are a society, , if you help your partner in school, you fell a gratification, because we are a community. We all work together, focusing on our individual strengths. Taking each day at a time, enjoying what we do, and discovering what each of us like and does not like. At the end, they could sincerely find what they would love to do in their future, and have a happy fulfilling input in our society.

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