Definitely we need love to do what we the beginning I felt the will to just forget about my job and decided to stay home. After a lot of research I knew that was the best option for my family. But I did not realize what it was going to do to my self-esteem, I thought that I would be here for only two years and that I would have been ready to go back to my job. MH! then the economy changed my plans.
I have to stay home....It has become impossible, to find a job in my field.
I believe that everything comes for a reason. Yes, I was not the happiest person at my job, it did not fulfill me, but I was following my career, I was a working woman(to society someone).
While staying home, that voice(most people's actually) is in me..what about my career? what will happen when the kids go back to school? what have I done with me? all that studying and money for nothing? My husband is struggling for money? my son needs new shoes?
But at the same time, once I play and teach my kids, I forget about it.
Watching them so grounded!
It is definitely a job that pays with something more! I cannot describe it/.... It is an everyday experience. Each moment is fulfill!, Being with them awakes me.
Sometimes when I was working..days will seem like a dream, blurry times at my office,
But, With my kids, it is a never ending excitement. I have Awaked to discover new meaning in life.
My son's is a happy kid, he does outstanding at school, anf loves what he does. My daughter, she is a little lady, learns sooooooo fast, happy, .......I love my family......
Definitely, both ways, stay-home and working moms, have their pros and cons. It is up to us to find what makes us happy.....It may be a period, or a stage.
But, the importance is to find love in what we do.

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