Today I had one of those DO NOT like encounters with one of my neighbors.

My beautiful Dog "Maui" ran around , like he sometime does....and obviously I did not ran after him, because I also have to watch out for my two year old...anyways, he always comes back...

This time I went to the street to call him, and THIS lady was shouting to me that "you can not let him go out with/o his leash, that a car will run him...."

well, thank you for your concern in my life....but I do not need that...not with that attitude.

Why do we feel we need to control some ones's that being a good neighbor, or a control freak maniac. If she would actually care, it wouldn have been a different conversation. Unfortunately, we do not known anything about our neighbor's life. I have notice that we are so focus in our OWN life that we forget other's have a life too. The person on the counter, the mail lady, the government employees...yes they are not ROBOTS, COMPUTERS, that have feelings and life to think about.

Please! lets love a little more, and we will be able to remove all those angers we keep inside. I bet the lady has no one that pays attention to her. I was doing happy bubbles with my daughter, and after the incident, I was disturbed by the woman reactions. My thought went to her.

I cannot imagine this Lady's parenting, if she has kids. Everything starts in the foundation, our family, Most of psychological problems are associated with our parents reactions, when we where kids, if we love, they will love. If we criticize , they will criticize....

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